MYSQL,SQL Server,MongoDB


MYSQL - It's the real programming language which runs in your browser. It gives your webpage power. Using JavaScript you can put calculations, logical conditions and all the programming functionality. HTML alone can't do that.


This page explains how to create a connection to SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform for an MS Windows Client to a Linux Unix or AIX Server.  Microsoft SQL Server has not provided ODBC middleware for these platforms.  In previous versions of BusinessObjects, a packaged Data Direct Driver was available for use.  However, with the release of BI 4, a licensed driver must be purchased for that driver.  An alternative is to use the JDBC provided by Microsoft. 

If you check the Product availability matrix (PAM) for supported middleware for Linux is JDBC or to purchase a third-party driver. This is a BI 4.1 SP4.  For our purposes, we shall set up the JDBC connection in the Windows Client for Information Design Tool for reporting to a Universe on a Linux.