Our Technologies


AiimTech has an underlying philosophy – provide and build client-centric web platforms where our clients can keep track of customer behavior and analyze customer needs. Our web platforms will be able to store and make information available such as customer personal interests; buying habits; product interests; lifestyle practices, etc. This is one way we can offer businesses an effective way to manage their small to large customer base thereby enabling them to increase and retain or analyze which customers are of higher value thus offer a higher level of service. Another way we businesses insight is by building a platform that has a one-on-one approach allowing a sales force to access and analyze which of customers they can target.

Our Services

Our Web methodology helps us make sure the system has:

  • Good usability – we will design an interface that will guide you to the information you are looking for
  • Efficient security – we do data encryption to ensure customer details are private and protected
  • Optimal functionality – sales, marketing access with extensible billing history and email notifications
  • Good scalability – small to large scalability, we understand that your customer base will need to expand