You deserve the best general security encryption, shopping cart options, and online payment solutions. With this rapidly changing environment, we assure that our developers use the most cutting edge but also secure techniques. Enhance your ROI (return on investment) by updating your e-commerce interface with your customers.

The Changing Face of E-Commerce

For the last few years, e-commerce meant an efficient shopping cart experience. Currently, the complexity of the system has grown exponentially.

Consumer Expectations
  • In the last few years, the consumer's expectations have soared. They prefer 1 to 1 shopping experiences that integrate all points of contact be it the online store or social media, made available on the phone, tablet or the desktop. When you add AI (Artifical Intelligence) into the mix, the sophisticated shopper expects that if they purchase a fishing rod from your online store, the next offering will highlight a net, fishing tackle, boat wear or even a marine handheld radio. In the industry, this is known as built-in predictive intelligence.
  • In order to make a wise decision, consumers demand that your online store offers a variety of products each with customer reviews to assist them in making their choice.
  • Are your customers able to make their purchase through a variety of means: credit cards, Paypal, direct debit by scanning? The convenience of payment is one very critical factor in e-commerce.
  • Once the order has been made, the shopper often will view the schedule for delivery with a click of a button to see where in the process their individual order is. Are the goods being processed, on a truck for delivery or at the store, waiting to be picked up?
  • And all of the interactions during the purchasing cycle are expected to be performed with lightning speed. Often wait time will convince a consumer to try a speedier site.
Customer Satisfaction
  • Does your software provide a follow-up notice so that you can track customer satisfaction? Or make an offer that has a direct relationship with the purchasing patterns of your consumer?
  • Do your staff have the necessary information to satisfy customer queries? Are they able to locate products easily? Do they have access to inventory information? Can they provide advice about the variety of models available?
Product Management
  • The location of the products makes little difference to the consumer but to the seller inventory is of prime importance. Is there enough stock? Where can a specific item be found? How does your e-commerce software help you to determine a delivery date? Is the information made available to your customer seamlessly? Does re-ordering take place in time to meet demands?
  • How does your software handle shipments to and from other countries? What about currency exchanges?
  • Are the statistics from your sales readily available to you and your marketing department so that sales campaigns can be strategically planned?
  • How confident are you in the security of your e-commerce transactions? Customers demand reassurance in this area.

Why Us?

Superior Planning

Our team will be there to guide you through the process of expanding your current e-commerce system into an integrated platform to inform your decisions so that you can grow your business. We will begin with a comprehensive strategy, built on your goals to satisfy the needs of your customers. The purchasing environment can be a simple presentation of the products or more tailor-made to match the inventory you manage and the expectations of your clients. The online process for your customers will be intuitive, compelling them to make the purchase, guiding them through shipping, pick up and even returns should they find the need. Inventory will be accurately tracked.

Superior Access to Information

For you and your staff, there will be a view of the shoppers, inventory, orders, catalog, product and pricing data. With this integrated system, your staff can better serve your customers and you will be able to strategize your marketing campaigns based on the statistics of your current sales. In addition, our e-commerce development team will select the most cutting edge software that has the most robust security features or they will custom create solutions for your business.

Let's work together to achieve your dreams.