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Directory listing for Employers and Resource library

< Wordpress, Elegant Theme />  

Custom PHP development for wastage industry to analyze garbage sensor metrics and helping clients to solve waste disposal problems.

< PHP, Enevo API, Authorize.net, Custom CRM />.

Publish Editorial Quality images for Car Dealers.

< Wordpress, Mailgun, Authorize.net />

A Platform for business to buy vanity numbers.

< Ringboost API integration, e-commerce, CMS, geo-targeting />

Easy  Course event booking and Coaching system for KidsZ.

< Joomla, jquery, Paypal />

Find service provider for Marine industry and get quotes for their services.

< WordPress, PayPal />

Online private therapy anytime, anywhere, from virtually any device. Connecting Providers with Clients through private online therapy.

< Wordpress, Webex , WePay , Paypal />

Web crawler for gathering attorney leads from an external source

< UI Development, Authorize.net,  corePHP />

Business directory listing for connecting government and government service providers to identify solutions and services

< Wordpress, ACF, MailGun />

Classifieds for Mercedes Benz Heritage

< Wordpress, Blog, MailGun />

Build customized UTV/ATV Vehicles with Color and Accessories options.

< WordPress, divi theme,Woocomerce />

A Capital advisor portal including private coaching system, Online Course, E-book.

< Wordpress, divi theme,Mailchimp/>

Online lending system for Finance portal that offers the loan.

< NodeJs, MongoDB, DocuSign API />

Ambulance configurator – Front, Rear Architect and build from scratch.

< HTML5, Advanced CSS, PHP />

Easy online portal for purchase crackers.

< Wordpress, Woocomerce, Bulk SMS />

A site for House rabbit store and community forum.

< Wordpress, Buddypress, Nexternal Store />

Mobile Application for Investment Insights, Stock Market Management, Market monitor.

< Android, IOS, PhoneGap, PushNotification />

Android App that connects to a piece of hardware via Bluetooth and Transmits Data metrics like Temperature, Opacity etc

< DotNet, Xamarin />

Invitation builder for wedding cards

< Wordpress, HTML5, Woocomerce />

A site for real estate company that operates corporate furnished and unfurnished apartments.

< Wordpress, google map />

A shopping system for comic performers to choose their clown nose.

< Wordpress, Woocomerce, Mailchimp/>