All The Features You Want

Cutting-edge functionality for your Industry, Disaster recovery, Security


Fast cloud upload

Our platform is based on a fast cloud application that will upload or download your data with the highest speed possible. So your transactions will occur instantaneously where ever your employees or customers are located.

Smart search

As the customer navigates through your website, they will be able to enter search terms to assist them in narrowing down what they seek. Also, our software will seem to anticipate their needs by making appropriate suggestions at crucial intervals.

Full Analytics

Information will drive your grow when you can visualize the data from your business, You will be able to spot of efficiencies, manage product intelligently and leverage trends to your advantage by making use of the predictive aspects of the extensive statistical analysis



Full hosted and secure

Our platform has been designed to maximize security. From the architecture of our system to the most up to date encrypted hard drive technology, we have taken every opportunity to ensure security.

GST Accounting

Our software enables GST tax filing using an interface that is easy to operate. Our software walks you through various scenarios so you can select the schedule that makes the most sense for your business.


All wrapped in an intuitive workspace that will boost your productivity

Our system will provide you with cutting-edge functionality for your industry, disaster recovery, security and networking flexibility all wrapped in an intuitive workspace that will boost your productivity.
Here are some features you will explore
Develop estimates and billing selections
Track stock or inventory
Organize sales orders and purchases
Design business reports
Complete GST filing

Free Trail  - 14 days

Try out our software free for 14 days. You will be so impressed with our intuitive interface and the many options to organize the financial side of your business that we are confident that you will desire to continue with our software.

Tech Support

Our tech support team is available 24/7 should you encounter any issues. They have an extensive background with all of our products and will work diligently to meet your needs.


What is Cloud Application Software?

Cloud software will provide you and your employees with a virtual desktop tailored for your type of business whether you are running a restaurant, store, small or large industry, involved in professional service or small business.

Why Switch?

Many businesses are switching to cloud applications for some substantial reasons; some are financial, some are security-based, and others are practical. Our software can meet many of your business needs at a very economical cost and updates or patches for all of the software is seamless as we take care of that aspect for you.
Your employees will have access to as much of your data as they need to complete their jobs. Our software is scalable, and you pay for only what you need.

How We Can Assist You

With our cloud software, we can automize and track many aspects of your customer interface so that you will have. We evaluate your existing set up to determine where we can realize efficiencies. Then with your collaboration, we will design a system that will eliminate dead leads and data duplications

How You Will Benefit

Our CRM development approach tracks your customers from the moment they first click on your website. With this information, we will be able to ensure that their experience runs seamlessly until the moment of delivery and then follow up.