Apps can improve the running of your business in so many areas: from accounting and expenses to analytics and data management, collaboration and communication and even to human resources. In this division of AIIMTech, our informal motto is “if you can think it, we can build it.” So feel free to describe what type of solution you need for your situation, and we will make it happen. And if new devices appear on the market, we will maintain compatibility with them as well. This fast changing environment demands that our team be up to date to allow your business to exceed the standards of your competitors.

Our Team

If you wanted to describe apps with one word it would be versatility. Their entire purpose fills a need in many different circumstances. Due to their nature, the development of apps requires a team with a diverse set of skills: from the technical software geeks to marketing experts, to debuggers, to testers and even graphic artists to name just the fundamental skills required. At AIIM Teach we have the breadth of knowledge in our team to meet any demand you may encounter. And if we do not have an immediate solution, we will design one for you, ourselves.

Ways to improve your Business

Your employees have the devices that will allow improvements in your enterprise. Even the smallest business now runs on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. What is needed is a specific app designed for your needs. You have the technology. Now is the time to lever that technology for business applications.

The underlying question here is how can apps enhance your business? The simple answer is that they can make a fantastic difference in many areas.

  • Use QR codes to enhance your advertising. Send out an email or direct mail that includes a QR code so that your clients can download the app to direct them to your site.
  • Hand out promotion material with QR code on it directing your clients to your online store.
  • Print the QR code on credit cover sleeves, paper products such as scratch pads, or key fobs.
  • Place QR codes on cards to hand out to your customers so they will remember to fill out surveys, or comment on services rendered.
  • Apps can reward customers who are in your local area. These folks are likely to become repeat clients for businesses that serve a particular region. You can push notices offering promotional discounts in a specific city to reinforce customer engagement.
  • Demo apps are handy for marketing campaigns. They can help your customer learn how to use a specific product as they try out your service for a select time.
  • Use an app to inform all of your sales staff of appointments, email, and calendars for everyone in the company. Now your team can obtain information for your clients instantly.
  • Employment engagement apps assist your employees to access vital information from a website on their mobile devices for a variety of reasons.
Customer Convenience
  • Use cloud-based apps to provide your customers with voicemail, caller ID or conference bridges.
  • Provide a mobile payment with an app for business.
Management Tasks
  • Apps can simplify sharing of your schedules, time management for projects, the location of your fleet, accounting and invoicing.
  • Apps can be developed to simplify your banking procedures.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Let us analyze your business practices and devise ways to make your processes more efficient. Tell us your issues so we can develop an app to get things done more efficiently.

Let's work together to achieve your dreams.